A customer's perception
is your reality.

Your Business
Looks Smart Now.

We analyse the user walk-ins , adv campaigns , staff behaviour ,ROI of campaigns ,identify regular customer , delivery tracking and much more.

User Analytics

You can now know the gender, age or birthdays of customers that enter or leave your store. You can calculate the percentage of engagement VS bounce.

Staff Performance

A Smart store helps you to analyse staff performance on any given day and customer feedback on their service.

Review and Testimony

Every customer gives you reviews and testimonials which would attract new customer and enhance customer service

Campaign Performance

You can track each and every user who is viewing your ad campaign. Complete performance comparison of all ad campaigns.

Gather Your Reports

With smart store, you have access to entire customer information, sale and customer feedback. You can download or print the entire report.

Email Campaigns

Send offers, coupons and promotional mails across your entire users on a single click. You will also be able to track its response.

Track Your Deliveries

After completing every order you and your customer will be able to track the deliver vehicle and the delivery executives information live on the map.

Customer Loyalty

Smart store helps to incentivize new customer to stick around and ensures that existing loyal customers feel important

Sales Report

Smart store gives you data on sale over a given period. Data oriented decisions can lead to new and winning strategies.

Future is in your data.

It is a long established fact that, knowing your customers improve your Sales and Brand value.

Contact : Surya Narayanan , Propreitor , Phone 95511 42288.